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Why Clicker Press Rocker Arm Can Not Be Raised
Jul 07, 2018

why clicker press rocker arm can not be raised

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These are the reasons why clicker press rocker arm can't be raised.

1. Bearing spring breaks

The spring is the main part of the rocker arm. When the spring breaks, the length of the spring becomes shorter and the whole rocker arm cannot be bounced.

2. Solenoid valve is stuck

solenoid valve is switched on and cut off the oil cylinder oil hydraulic components, the general situation after connect rocker dropped, after cut off the rocker arm was spring jacking, when the solenoid valve is stuck in the on position, rocker arm cannot be raised.

3.oil cylinder fall off 

Generally, the oil cylinder has a fixed position of the positioning sleeve, but the fixing sleeve will be displaced if it is not repaired for a long time. When the positioning sleeve is displaced, the cylinder will fall off when the cutting stroke is increased. When the cylinder falls off, the rocker arm will be stuck, so that the rocker arm cannot rise in place

4.pillar is stuck

Normally, it is active between the pillar and the fuselage, but a long time of oil shortage will cause the friction between the pillar and the fuselage to die. When the pillar and the fuselage become stuck, the rocker arm cannot be lifted.

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