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When Replace The Hydraulic Oil Of Cutting Machine
Jul 03, 2018

When replace the hydraulic oil of clicker press machine

The hydraulic oil of die cutting machine is the basis of its work, the hydraulic oil quality, not only affects the normal work of the hydraulic oil cylinder, and cause severe damage to hydraulic system components, it causes trouble for workers to use.

So, how to judge the cutting machine hydraulic oil good or bad?

I. visual measurement: that is, if the oil is milky white cloudy during the use of the hydraulic cylinder, it means that there is a lot of water in the oil.

2. Combustion method: dip clean, dry cotton yarn or cotton paper with a little oil to be tested, and then ignite it with fire. If the crackling sound or flash phenomenon is found, the oil contains more water.

Secondly, the identification of impurities in hydraulic oil in hydraulic cylinder of cutting machine.

3. Sensory identification: there are obvious metal particles suspended in the oil used in the hydraulic cylinder, and the presence of fine particles can be directly felt when pinching with fingers; In the light, if there is a reflective flash point, it indicates that the hydraulic components have been seriously worn; If there is a large amount of metal chip in the bottom of the tank, it indicates that the main oil pump or motor has been seriously worn.  

4. Identification of heating: for hydraulic oil with low viscosity, it can be directly put into a clean and dry test tube to heat up. If the oil in the test tube is found to be precipitated or suspended, it indicates that the oil has contained mechanical impurities.

5. Identification of filter paper: for hydraulic oil with high viscosity, it can be diluted with pure gasoline and then filtered with clean filter paper. If a large number of mechanical impurities (metal powder) are found on the filter paper, the hydraulic components have been severely worn.

6, sound identification: if the hydraulic oil cylinder in operation in the process of the whole hydraulic system have bigger, intermittent noise and vibration of the main oil pump at the same time sends out the "buzzing" sound, appear even the phenomenon of piston rod "crawl", then observe the tank liquid level, oil pipe exports or transparent liquid level meter, will find a lot of bubbles. This indicates that the hydraulic oil has been immersed in a large amount of air in order to stabilize the work of the hydraulic cutting machine. You have to change the hydraulic oil; Keep it at its best!

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