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Vertical Flat Press Die-cutting Machine
Jul 18, 2017

Vertical flat die-cutting machine, commonly known as the Tiger Mouth, said its work similar to the mouth of the bite movements, said its work is not safe easy to hurt people, hence the name. In any case, the image of the vertical flat die-cutting machine work characteristics. Vertical flat die-cutting machine in the structure of the main body and the two parts of the press, die-cut plate installed on the plane. There are two types of action: Pendulum type and double pendulum. The so-called simple pendulum is to refer to the die-cutting, the pressure rack swing, the fuselage does not move (that is, version platform does not move), the plate and the lower part of the press frame first contact, the upper rear contact, die-cutting at the end of the upper left, the lower part after leaving, so that the force time is different, and the force is uneven, so the use of less Double pendulum is to refer to die-cutting, the fuselage and the press frame have action, contact before the press rack lithography and plate is parallel, the contact form is parallel movement, so the pressure is large and uniform. The production of vertical flat die-cutting machine belongs to most of this type. Vertical flat die-cutting machine according to the degree of automation can be divided into semi-automatic and automatic two types. At present, the domestic production of vertical flat-press die-cutting machine (Tiger mouth) is mainly semi-automatic, die-cut is the completion of machines, paper and paper delivery is done manually. Because of the quality of production and production efficiency and the operator's proficiency, and easy to safety accidents, so the United States and other developed countries have banned the use of such equipment.