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The Development Trend Of Die-cutting Machine Has The Following Characteristics:
Jul 18, 2017

1. Rotary wire die cutting will be a large number of printed packaging products, the best mode of cutting. has been used in flexo printing production lines, table printing presses, corrugated printing slotting die-cutting machine, rotary-type self-adhesive trademark printing presses, gravure printing and other lines of production line printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, especially the improvement of machining technology level of circular die-cutting drum, the application scope of circular die cutting will be more extensive, and the production efficiency of die-cutting will be further improved.

2. With the rapid development of printing and packaging industry, the scale of enterprises is expanding. Automatic flat die-cutting machine application market will continue to expand. In contrast, semi-automatic die-cutting indentation machine sales market will be further reduced, in addition to low productivity, the operator's labor intensity and other reasons, the safety of the poor, prone to accidents, is the main reason for the decline. However, because of China's printing and packaging industry scale gap is very large, this equipment will have a certain market, will still play a role.

3. Traditional self-adhesive trademark printing machine manufacturers. Production has entered a difficult period, the volume of sales and production declined year after years. The reason is mainly the high efficiency of the High-tech products of the Rotary satellite trademark printing presses and flexo printing presses production and sales increased, printing and connecting machine rotary die-cutting efficiency is far higher than the intermittent printing, intermittent flat die-cutting production equipment.

4. China has imported a large number of full sheets of paper printing presses, to Gaobao and so on behalf of the 1620-type machine of the maximum feed size for the 1200mmx1620mm, printing speed reached 120d0 Zhang/hour, and with glazing and far-infrared drying device, and developed the largest paper size for 1300mmx1850mm and 1020mmx2050mm Super full sheet paper printing machine. China also has three printing machinery enterprises began to produce a full sheet of paper printing presses, the maximum paper size reached: 1020mmx1420mm and 1020mmx1440mm, the highest printing speed reached 5000~7000 Zhang/hour. The introduction of full sheet paper and the expansion of the market, the packaging of printed materials die-cutting equipment will also generate demand. To adapt to the full size of the CNC die-cutting machine in China has a large number of production, including the Kun-wheel machinery production of die-cutting machine For example, the speed of 12000 pieces/hour, the world's advanced level.