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Production Process Of Camouflage Net
Jun 28, 2018

production process of camouflage net

1. cutting fabric rolls into sheets, 20 layers sewing the edge together.


2. Put the sewing camouflage fabric into the machine and cut the flowers by computer.


3. after cutting camouflage flowers, it is covered with the professional nylon net frame of the camouflage net


4. The buttoned military camouflage net is used to sew the edge, which is fixed by pressing a pull rope every 20cm in the process of sewing the edge when it is convenient to use.


5. Fold the package into the bag, with the words and specifications of military Mosaic camouflage net printed on the package.


Finally, thank you for reading my article on the production process of camouflage net. If you need any advice, please send me email or call for consultation.



camouflage net making .png