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Level Analysis Of Automatic Flat Die-cutting Machine
Jul 18, 2017

Automatic flat die-cutting machine is the printing and packaging products printed after the key equipment, not only an efficient, safe, high-quality mold-making equipment, at the same time. is also the flat die-cutting indentation machine (tiger mouth mold) of the replacement of products, by packaging printing enterprises. The wide application of this equipment and broad market prospects, has attracted many enterprises to enter the automatic flat die-cutting machine manufacturing ranks. To make our automatic flat die-cutting machine has formed a complete product variety series, in the technology also reached a high level.

The working principle of the automatic flat die-cutting machine is that the paper feeder is fed into the front regulation and the side regulation position by the paper feeder. Again by the Tooth platoon will paper to die-cutting mechanism for two-time positioning to die-cutting, after the die-cutting by the teeth discharged to the clearing body, clean and waste before entering the paper, thus completing the die-cutting operation. China's automatic flat die-cutting machine technology has been greatly improved, the main performance in: Advanced Enterprise equipment die-cutting speed index has reached N8000 Zhang/hour. Die-cutting accuracy has reached ±0. 1~0.2mm, most of the production of automatic flat die-cutting machine is generally equipped with waste equipment, and some enterprises can make holographic stamping die-cutting machine, there are some enterprises can make die-cutting corrugated automatic flat die-cutting machine and semi-automatic flat die-cutting machine. Most of the basic parts of these equipment are steel plate, machining center. Precision and rigidity are fully guaranteed. The technical difficulties of automatic flat die-cutting machine are as follows: Cam intermittent mechanism, chain guide, paper teeth row have our own proprietary technology and intellectual property rights. The device is widely used touch screen technology, frequency conversion speed control technology and programmable logic controller technology, equipment stability, reliability has greatly improved. The export of die-making equipment increased every year, the fact that the import of 2004 has been greatly reduced has proved that the level of domestic automatic flat die-cutting machine is increasing the user's approval degree.