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Hydraulic Cutting Machine Operating Instructions
Jul 23, 2018

hydraulic cutting machine operating instructions

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1. First, turn the depth controller (fine tuning knob) of the cutting machine to zero.

2. Turn on the power switch, press the start button of the oil pump, run for two minutes without load, and observe whether the system is normal.

3. Stack the push and pull plate, pp plate, workpiece and tool die in the middle of the workbench in sequence.

4. Set the tool die (setting dies).

(1). Loosen the handle and set the bottom naturally and lock tightly.

(2). setting Switch right turn, ready for trial cutting.

(3). Double-click the green button for trial cutting. The cutting depth is controlled by depth control button..

(4). fine adjustment, add the cutting force little by little, until the materials can be cut out, it would be the right cutting force.

Special note: when changing the tool die, workpiece or cutting boards, it is necessary to setting dies again. Otherwise, it will damage the tool die and cutting boards.

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