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Die-cutting Machine Automation, Intelligent, Multi-functional Direction Of Development
Jul 18, 2017

The data communication between multiple programmable controllers of the die-cutting machine, LCD intelligent operation display, human-machine dialogue, the use of optical fiber sensors to detect the cursor, accurate positioning, digital servo, holographic aluminum foil surface tension control, hot stamping holographic Machine precision manufacturing technology will continue to use. In addition to die-cutting, it is also required to be able to bronzing and automatic cleaning. To Kun-wheel machinery Company's CNC die-cutting machine as an example, from the paper, Die/bronzing, to the top, under the laminating/Platoon waste, the final paper/Che Chang All automatic completion, the user does not require absolute high speed, but the requirements stable and reliable. Die-cutting machine as a printing after the main equipment, has been in the formation of different grades in China, for a variety of printing and packaging products, a wide range of equipment family, basically meet the domestic demand for equipment.