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Current Situation Of Die-cutting Machine Technology In China
Jul 18, 2017

In many prepress equipment varieties, China's die-cutting machine products technology and industrialization has reached a high level, its main signs in the following areas:

First, the die-cutting machine imports decline, the export volume is increasing. According to customs statistics: 2002 imported mold-making equipment 461 units, 25.291 million U.S. dollars, 2003 imports 455 units, 26.028 million U.S. dollars, 2004 $number Quarter only 213, 17.151 million U.S. dollars; the trend is expected to fall. 2002 exports 765 units, 10.861 million U.S. dollars, 2003 exports 1066 units, 13.893 million U.S. dollars, 2004 $number Quarterly exports 958, 15.591 million U.S. dollars, is expected to be more than last year's exports.

Second, die-cutting machine varieties basically meet the domestic printing and packaging industry production needs. Domestic can be manufactured including automatic flat die-cutting machine, including the trademark die-cutting machine, self-adhesive trademark die-cutting Machine, rotary die-cutting Machine, rotary die-cutting machine, flat die-cut indentation machines (Tiger mouth mold cutter) and other products, can be manufactured on the linkage line of the die-cutting unit, such as: Flexo printing presses, gravure printing presses, self-adhesive printing presses, corrugated paper slotting machine and other equipment die-cutting unit.

Third, the manufacture of automatic and semi-automatic die-cutting machine enterprises have more than 20. One of the main manufacturers are Shanghai Yahua, North Group, Tangshan Jade, Tianjin Evergreen, Beijing Victory Albert, Hubei Jingshan, Henan Xinxiang, Shanghai Yao Ke, Shanghai Ding Long, Shanghai Xu Heng, Qingdao United States Light and other enterprises. Trademark die-cutting machine has a number of enterprises in the production, of which the main manufacturers have Xianyang and Fung, Beijing Machangying and other enterprises. The production of flat die-cutting indentation machine (Tiger mouth mold cutter) enterprises are countless.