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Tool development Trend
Jul 18, 2017

According to the needs of the development of the manufacturing industry, multi-function composite tools, high speed and efficiency tools will become the mainstream tool development. In the face of a growing number of difficult materials, the tool industry must improve tool materials, develop new tool materials and more reasonable tool structure.

The application of cemented carbide materials and coatings increased. Fine-grained, ultrafine-grained cemented carbide material is the development direction, nano-coating, gradient structure coating and new structure, material coating will greatly improve the tool performance, physical coatings (PVD) continue to increase the use of.

The application of new tool materials increases. The toughness of ceramic, metal ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD and other tool materials are enhanced, and the application occasions are increasing.

Rapid development of cutting technology. High-speed cutting, hard cutting and dry cutting continue to develop rapidly, and the application range is expanding rapidly.

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