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Die-cutting Machine packaging
Jul 18, 2017

Die-cutting machine is mainly used in paper packaging decoration industry trademarks, cartons, greeting cards, such as die-cutting, indentation and cold pressure convex work, is a prepress packaging processing of important equipment.

Die-cutting machine type of die-cutting machine according to the different forms of embossing, mainly divided into round pressure, round, flat, three types of flattening. According to the form of placement of the template can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds. According to the degree of Automation manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two. Functionally speaking, in addition to die-cutting, but also bronzing function, said to do hot stamping die-cutting machine, some with automatic cleaning function, said to do clean die-cutting machine. Rotary die-cutting machine is characterized by line contact, die-cutting pressure, production efficiency is high, can be offset press, Flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment connected to the wire die-cutting, so the scope of application is relatively wide.

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