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Die-cutting development process
Jul 18, 2017

With the rapid development of electronic industry, especially the expanding of consumer electronics products, die-cutting not only restricts the late printing, is a kind of industrial electronic product auxiliary material production. Commonly used Products: electroacoustic, health care, display signs, safety protection, transportation, office supplies, electronic power, communications, industrial manufacturing, family leisure and other industries. For mobile phones, mid, digital cameras, automobiles, LCD, LED, FPC, FFC, RFID and other products, gradually used in the above product bonding, dustproof, shockproof, insulation, shielding and so on. The die-cutting material used for processing has rubber, single, double-sided tape, foam, plastic, vinyl, silicon, metal strip, metal sheet, optical film, protective film, yarn net, hot melt tape, silicone rubber, etc.

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