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Die-cutting Classic type
Jul 18, 2017

Die-cutting processing process: cutting knife-on version-set machine pressure-regulation-paste sponge-Test die-adjust pressure-formal die-cut-waste.

Steel knife Die Cutting

Steel knife die-cutting is the most common form of custom die-cutting, the method is to make The imitation "steel Kitchen" according to customer specifications, and cut out parts by stamping.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die-cutting is mainly used for large volume material cutting. Rotary die-cutting is suitable for soft to semi-rigid materials, and the material is pressed into a cylindrical die and a cylindrical anvil to achieve cutting between the blades. This form is often used for liner die-cutting.

Advantages of rotary die cutting:

Volume discounts, low cost

Fast processing, high output, low material loss

For "Kiss cut" items

High cutting precision, small tolerance

Can be combined with coating and laminating

Laser die-cutting

Laser die-cutting is used in traditional steel knife die-cutting can not meet the cutting precision of materials, cutting process clean, no cutting heat generation, suitable for large-volume cutting.

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