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Jul 18, 2017

Traditional die-cutting is a kind of cutting process, cutting process can be printed or other paper products in accordance with the design of the graphics in advance to make the cutting knife version, so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to the straight side right angle. Traditional die-cutting die-cutting tool according to product design requirements of the pattern combined into die-cutting version, under the action of pressure, print or other plate-shaped blanks are cut into the desired shape or cut the molding process. Indentation process is the use of crimping knife or die, through the pressure on the plate material on the indentation, or the use of rolling wheel on the sheet to roll the line marks, so that the sheet material can be in accordance with the predetermined position of bending. Usually die-cutting indentation process is the die-cutting knife and pressure line knife in the same template, in the die-cutting machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation processing process, referred to as molding.

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